LIAH No Townland Civil Parish Description NIAH No Comment                      
CL51:01 Killulla Clonloghan Killula Cottage   c. 1840 (o/s)  
CL51:02 Carrowbane   Carrowbane House   Original 18th century house destroyed. Home of General O'Moore Creagh VC. House named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:03 Leamaneigh More Clonloghan Leamaneigh More House   House named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:04 Mogullaan   Mogullaan House   Bishop of Killaloe's House 19th century. House named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:05 Ballinooskny Clonloghan Crow Hill House   Was called  Shannon Grove House. The name was changed in the 1930's. House named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:06 Smithstown Clonloghan Smithstown House   Destroyed

House named on 1840 o/s.
cl51:07 Drumline   Drumline House   House named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:08 Clenagh Kilmaleery Lismoyle House   Being renovated, built 1841 by Thomas O'Donoghue of the Wilds Cottage. Also still standing Stables adjoining the main house.
cl51:081 Clenagh Kilmaleery Gate Lodge Lismoyle   see CL51:080  
cl51:082 Clenagh Kilmaleery Lismoyle Cottage   18th century,  rebuilt with 2nd storey after fire, adjacent to Lismoyle House.  
cl51:09 Carrigerry Kilconry St. Conaire's Church 51:9 Built 1842, original 1750-1839 destroyed blown down in 1839 during the night of the Big Wind.  
cl51:10 Carrigerry Kilconry Carrigerry House 51:10 c. 1830  
cl51:11 Carrigerry Kilconry The Rock of the Hare   Stone in Field  
cl51:12 Ballycunneen Drumline Ballycunneen House 51:6 c. 1800  
cl51:13 Woodpark Bunratty Woodpark House  
cl51:15 Deerpark Bunratty Deerpark House  
cl51:16 Knockaun Clonloghan Knockaun House   in ruins  
cl51:17 Stonehall Kilconry Stonehall House   Destroyed, remains of out buildings  
cl51:18 Lisconnor Clonloghan Stonehall National School   Built 1901, previous 1824-1900  
cl51:19 Tullyvarraga Drumline Thatched Cottage, Slí na Mara   Murphy's Cottage  
cl51:20 Ballycasey More Drumline Ballycaseymore House  
cl51:21 Clonmoney West Bunratty Clonmoney House   Occupied  
cl51:22 Clonmoney West Bunratty National School, Hurlers Cross 51:7 c. 1840  
cl51:23 Clonmoney West Bunratty Our Lady of the Wells Church 51:5 c. 1820  
cl51:24 Clonmoney West Bunratty Thatched Cottage, Hurlers Cross 51:8 c. 1860  
cl51:25 Clonmoney North Bunratty School   destroyed? School named on 1840 o/s.  
cl51:26 Cloverhill Bunratty Cloverhill House  
cl51:27 Ballycally Kilconry Ayleroe Quay   Remains still to be seen, original pre 1800  
cl51:28 Ballycally Kilconry Gun Posts and Tunnel   WW2  
cl51:29 Ballycally Kilconry An Droichead Bán   pre 1845  
cl51:30 Carrowbane Kilmaleery Thatched Cottage   Long house on road from Carrigerry to Kilmaleery Church  
cl51:31 Firgrove Drumline Firgrove House  
cl51:32 Leamaneigh More Clonloghan Fr. Murphy Memorial  
cl61:01 Ballyhennessy Kilconry Shannon Airport 61:11 1940-50  
cl61:02 Rineanna North Kilconry The Wilds Cottage   1826 built by Thomas O'Donoghue.  
cl61:03 Rineanna North Kilconry Ballymurry Stone   Patrick Sarsfield's chair, standing Stone in field at the back of the Wilds Cottage.  
cl61:04 Rineanna North Kilconry Newpark House   in ruins  
cl61:05 Tullyvarraga Drumline Hastings Cottage   derelict