Clonloghan Church

Monument Number:- CL051-07701
Name:- Clonloghan Church

Townland:- Clonloghan

Parish:- Clonloghan

Barony:- Bunratty Lower

Period:- Early Medieval 10th century
National Grid:- 13948/16450
Date of Visit:- 28 February 2006
Visited By:- Tom Chambers, Peter Wise, John O'Brien and Olive Carey


Through gate from minor road (R142) between Shannon and Newmarket-on-Fergus - 200 m along boreen. A soccer pitch is located to the right of the boreen between the road and the graveyard.


Sited in Rectangular Graveyard. Grazing land all round but marshy to north and east/ 2.5 Km from Shannon Town Centre.

Observations/ Recommendations

Condition - Poor - East gable and portion of south wall remain. Densely covered in ivy. The site of Clonloghan Castle is approx. 200 m east of the church. Graveyard is still in use.


Only the east gable and a short section of the south wall (4.25m) remain standing. The east gable survives to full height, a maximum of 6 m and is 5 m wide. It is slightly broken along the northern edge of the gable and contains a round headed window with inclined jambs. The church is built of limestone but both the east window and the flat headed south window are made of sandstone. The window in the the south wall is completely blocked up and the entire remains are covered in ivy. The top of a round headed window, similar to that in the east gable was located in the graveyard.

Inside the church a pedestal has been built under the east window to a height of .93m and a limestone slab rests on top of this pedestal. The slab measures 2.1m long x .5 m wide. This arrangement may have been used as a makeshift altar in later times.

The church is situated in the north east quadrant of the graveyard which has a roughly rectangular shape. There is an entrance into the graveyard on the south west side of the west wall. The graveyard measurements are: north wall: 4.5m; west wall: 29.7m; south wall: 36.9m; east wall: 24.1m.

On a subsequent visit on the 5/4/2006 a length of mortared wall was noted built into the graveyard wall to the north of the church. 4.10 m long - This is possibly the remains of a small sacristy or side chapel attached to the north side of the church or may be what remains of an earlier graveyard wall.

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